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Building Organisational Culture – BOC2021act 


Hello dear listeners, happy new year, and am glad you made it too. and looking forward to a successful 2021 putting behind the COVID-19 and its CHALLENGES and hoping for a better year ahead both in the private and public organisations. 

As part of efforts and plans in overcoming some of these challenges, Ezekiel Danok iPodCast, shares passionate weekly topical podcast as inspirations and motivations.  

Today’s episode, we are looking at “building organisation culture. ´´ Which I call the 5 BLOCKS ETHICS OF BOC as Some helpful tips in building a culture in your organisation by Ezekiel Danok with an abstract from  

Brad Lomenick – The Catalyst Leader 

Great leaders aren’t manufactured overtime but produced over a vigorous Life transition. – Ezekiel Danok 

Organisation Culture simply define as  

“ as a set of living relationships working towards a share goal 

It’s not something you are, it’s something you do. ´´ 

Schein (1985) defined organisation culture as a set of beliefs, values, and assumptions that are shared by members of an organisation. 

Leyman definition: simply “the way we do things around here.´´ 

Source: the culture code 

May not go detail in discussing further about the organisation culture profile but subsequent episodes. 

How? (5 blocks ethics of BOC) 

1. Set a scary standard. Your level of excellence an expectation for your product or service or experience should almost be nearly unattainable. Safe goals are set by safe leaders with safe visions. Give your people a goal that scares them, and you will produce leaders who know what it means to overcome fear.  

2. Allow for failure. The road to success is many times put together through multiple failures. Allow for and even encourage your team to fail as they attempt to succeed. 

3. Reward innovation. Innovation requires taking risks. And bold risks created bold team members. Rewarding innovation will challenge your team to grow in their roles. 

4. Pursue the right opportunities. Not every risk is a good one. Be disciplined. Aggressively pursue a few things that makes sense. Say no often. 

5. Learn to delegate. This is one of the most courageous things a leader can do. Entrusting others with important tasks require letting go and rerelinquishing control.  Freely pass responsibility and authority to your team if you want your team to be courageous give them the chance to lead. 

As a leader, if you have the right ATTITUDE, then you are prepared for the right ALTITUDE. 

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Yours sincerely, 

Ezekiel Danok